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Appliance Disposal & Recycling Fareham

An unwanted household or business appliance is a challenge to its owner. Not only is it difficult to move, there is also the problem of how to dispose of it. These appliances have probably been standing in one spot occupying space for a considerable time. Once you decide to get rid of this old unwanted appliance, we advise you to give us a call to help you with your problem.

We provide an efficient, stress free solution to the task facing you of having to deal with your appliance disposal. Our ethical standards of appliance disposal are the highest in the industry.

Removing an appliance can be a back-breaking job. We are geared to uplift heavy items with the correct equipment to save you any damage to you household or business, and to take the pressure off you completely. We arrive, you show us, and we take it away. Simple as that.

We operate within a 30-mile radius of Fareham, Hampshire and are just a call away. We remove every kind of appliance, from stoves, to microwaves, dishwashers, refrigerators, computers and washing machines, we do them all. If your appliance is still working and you have upgraded, we try to re-home it.

With us appliance disposal is quick and easy. Once you have called us, we will arrange a time to collect. We confirm our arrival by calling you 15-30 minutes before we arrive to say we are on our way. Our friendly staff will uplift your appliance without any fuss or damage to your property. We will recycle the appliance in a responsible way and try and find a new home through the charities we work with.

Sustainable Appliance Disposal is important to us

Most appliances that are removed by a common waste remover or the local council are dumped on the landfill. They make no effort to try and recycle this kind of material. This puts even more pressure on our landfill, and this is an option we always try and avoid. By using our service, you are assisting lessen the problemson UK landfills as well and doing your bit for the environment.

Be sure that we choose the best option for your used appliance by either finding a new owner for it or disposing of it in a sustainable way.

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